Introducing Team Newsletters

Introducing Team Newsletters

By Emily Veach

Leaders across every industry need to be ready for the next inevitable change to arrive.

By nature, the tech industry changes and adapts as new inventions arise. Technology executives have learned to manage change and the constant competition from startups. But for many other industries, this disruptive cycle is a new phenomenon.

Artificial intelligence pioneer Andrew Ng says tech has forced a new reality upon these other industries:

Today, Feedly is excited to launch Team Newsletters. It’s the latest addition to our intelligence tools for teams. Feeding your team with hyper-personalized industry and competitive news is a must. The trends you and your team uncover will help you stay in sync, gain deeper insights, and move faster than the competition.

Current solutions for keeping up with trends as a team fall short. By default, most teams rely on ad hoc email chains and chat to share links. These options lack context and add a lot of unwanted noise, chaos, and stress.

Our strategy team uses Feedly to disseminate pertinent news articles … The newsletter feature is very useful, so the selected items can ‘find the team members’ rather than the other way around.Clark Cameron, 3M Strategy & Market Research

Activate Newsletters for Team Boards and Feeds

There aren’t any extra steps to curate content or format the email. Save articles to Team Boards while reading in Feedly (or from anywhere on the web). Alternatively, activate the newsletter for a Team Feed for a digest of articles from that feed.

Newsletters are a natural extension of your team’s Feedly experience, full of great content from your trusted sources. For example, here’s the Feedly design team’s newsletter, generated from our “Design Trends” board:

Newsletters are a great way to quickly see the latest articles saved to your Team Boards.

You can activate a newsletter for each of your Team Boards, as well as your Team Feeds.

Let’s say each person on your sales team is following a set of boards related to their target accounts. Every morning they will receive a beautiful email digest with all the new articles saved to each of the boards they follow.

It’s delivered right to your inbox, giving everyone a personalized email newsletter to kick off the day.

Another great way to personalize your newsletters is by choosing from either a more visual or text-based template.

If you are already subscribed to Feedly Teams, you can activate your newsletter in just a couple clicks. Open one of your Team Boards and click on the email icon. Flip the switch to ON, and select your options.

Want to see how some of the most innovative teams are using newsletters? Here are 4 examples of effective newsletters for trend watching

Notes and Highlights Add Valuable Context

When you open a Team Newsletter in your inbox, you will see the email includes the notes and highlights your teammates have added to articles.

These valuable nuggets of context make it easy to scan for relevant insights to use on sales calls or strategy sessions.

On busier days, maybe all you have time for is a 5-minute overview of what has happened related to the topics in your Team Boards. Newsletters give you just that—a quick and easy way to keep up with the latest news.

And you can always click on an item in the email to read the full article.

Flexible Scheduling

In the settings for each newsletter, you can change the days and times you want your newsletters to land in your inbox.

Note: If you are subscribed to two or more newsletters scheduled for the same time, Feedly will bundle them into a single email.

In our team at Feedly, some of our Team Newsletters send daily, while others are less frequent.

This works well for remote teams like ours, as well as large companies with offices in different time zones.

If you have multiple newsletters set to send at the same time, Feedly will combine them into one email with a section for each board.

Disseminate Newsletters to Your Team and Beyond

You can add people outside your Feedly Team account to a newsletter too.

You might want to do this if you have an email list for experts in your company who speak at industry events. Feeding your experts with relevant industry news means they always have fresh examples to cite in their next talk.

Go to your Board Settings (pictured above) and enter the group or individual email addresses in the box labeled “external recipients.” They will receive the newsletter on the same schedule.

If you want to send your newsletter to multiple external email addresses, be sure to use a comma to separate each email.

External recipients—anyone not part of your Feedly Team—will be directed to the article on the source website, rather than going to the article in Feedly.

Beautiful on Any Email Client

We have optimized Team Newsletters to be easy to read on any device and email client.

One More Thing: Build Your Expert Brand

We love hearing from customers who tell us how Feedly has helped them master a subject area and grow professionally. Newsletters are a great way to become more visible in your team and your company.

Along with each article summary in Team Newsletters, you’ll also see who saved the article. By consistently finding and saving great articles, you naturally make a name for yourself as an expert.

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